I am fascinated by technology – not just for its own sake, but also for what it can do; for the way in which it can transform lives. I have spent more than a decade in the mobile phone business using technology to create phones, and during that time have been part of the continuous evolution of an industry which could only be dreamed about not so long ago.

But it’s not just technology which I enjoy – it is products. A great product is a wonderful thing to see, hold and use. A great product doesn’t just happen by accident. There are, of course, exceptions – sometimes products are born out of accidents or unintended consequences. But for the most part they only happen when a lot of things line up properly. Design detail, implementation detail, proper consumer understanding, timing and marketing, to list just a few.

When it works well, it appears to be almost effortless – magical, obvious, beautiful, perfect. But there are times too, when despite almost everything “right” being in place, it just doesn’t work out – and no amount of refining, tweaking, and fine-tuning will fix it.

I took a of six-month break away from technology and products, and the absence of product-related things and technology from my daily life has confirmed something I’ve always known about me – I’m a product and technology person at heart, and abstinence is uncomfortable.

This blog is my mental doodle about creating great products – processes, priorities, users, detail, technologies, and the products themselves. It is not intended as the definitive guide – there are already enough of those on the web – it is just a collection of my thoughts, meanderings and occasionally rants. Please comment and let me know what you think.

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  1. Just discovered your blog. Enjoying what I’ve read so far. That hotel TV remote is proof (if ever we needed it) that there is still huge scoop for improving the products that people use every day. Those companies who build teams of people who are both passionate about and skilled in product making will thrive. Those that don’t will wish they did.

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