The ‘Selfish’ Product



Richard Dawkins wrote about ‘The Selfish Gene’ and developed the idea that genes (rather than species) survive generations because their evolutionary consequences serve their own interests and not those of the organism. The most successful genes become ubiquitous and dominant in the population and express themselves in social culture as ‘memes’.

Successful products do the same – they become ‘Selfish’ Products.

Meme: an idea, behaviour or style that spreads from person to person within a culture”

The changes in behaviour brought about by ‘Selfish’ Products are everywhere to see, and these changes establish and reinforce those behaviours until consumers believe the product is an integral part of their life: “I can’t live without my iPhone!

Each decade has seen consumer electronic products that become dominant in the market and start to influence social culture, for example:

60s:   Portable Transistor Radio (Sony)
70s:   Electronic Calculator (Texas Instruments)…

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