Delivering compelling value propositions with video

A good customer value proposition can work wonders for a new product. Indeed, the lack of one can break an otherwise great product. This post presents a selection of products which have successfully used short video clips to grab the viewer’s attention, each with a recognisable problem and clear explanation of how the product solves the problem.

Video can clearly communicate value propositions. And with such content becoming increasingly easy to create and distribute, we will see more of them being used in this way.


Elevation Dock “Easy undocking; Works with cases; Quality made“. Anyone who has used an iPhone dock will recognise the frustration of undocking. This video demonstrates the problem and creates a compelling case for the Elevation Dock.

Doorbot is billed as “The doorbell for smartphones“. Without knowing much more than that, the viewer can almost guess the concept – the video collects up any emerging questions and resolves lingering doubts. It clearly states the problem in a credible manner and demonstrates the solution.

According to KickstarterLock8 is “The World’s First Smart Bike Lock“. Again, an easy to grasp concept, with which anyone who has ever had a bike stolen will be familiar.

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