Handedness – not to be overlooked

I was recently offered a coffee whilst having my hair cut, and when it arrived it was neatly presented on an elegant tray with a small jug of milk and some sugar. The coffee itself was in a stylish mug which neatly complemented the design of the salon – stylish but not overly swanky.

Schonwald_SignatureCup2[Image courtesy of AbleKitchens.com]

It was only on starting to drink the coffee when I noticed that the mug was designed to be used only by right-handed people. By that I don’t mean it was optimised for right-hand use; I mean it specifically excluded left-hand use.

A quick bit of basic research (here and here) suggests that left-handed people make up somewhere between 10% and 30% of the population globally.

I wouldn’t expect a hair salon to do any research into the prevalence of left-handedness before selecting a coffee cup. I would suggest that they could reasonably expect that the cups they select will be fit for purpose, irrespective of the design.
I have no idea what the designers of the Schonwald Signature collection were thinking of when they designed this cup. It is certainly an elegant, striking and attractive piece but somewhere along the line, someone has overlooked the fact that “being capable of being drunk from” should have been part of the original requirement specification.

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